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Video Card fried? Best alternative for cheap.

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  • Video Card fried? Best alternative for cheap.

    Hi, tonight I was using my comp, playing hearthstone, and out of nowhere my monitor started blinking, quickly my comp turned off and my bios showed a reboot, then it went to black screen, and my video card fan (i assume) started running at a crazy high idle and nothing happens. I tried re-booting and now no monitor turns on, and it makes three beeps. Any ideas if the video card is fried or what I'm looking at. If it is done, what is a good cheap replacement, I'm kinda looking for the best value cheapest card. I don't do anything crazy with it.

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    It isn't conclusive that it is the video card.
    Do you have two RAM sticks? Trying pulling one out at a time, and booting the machine.
    Can you borrow a video card just to confirm that is the problem before purchasing a new one?


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      So i opened the comp last night and booted it up, the video card fan doesn't start to turn at all when booted up, yes i have two sticks of ram. I'll try pull one of them at a time, also I will root around and see if i kept my old video card, i might still have it. Thanks


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        An internal speaker should give you a post/beep code - which might help