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Intel Celeron G3900 mark is way too high

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  • Intel Celeron G3900 mark is way too high

    It shows 3327 as average mark. But how could it be when even G3930 has a lower mark of 3014?
    From what I can see below on the G3900 page, there is a result of 5494 along with ~2900. Looks like a bug

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    There were a few duplicate high results for the G3930 which have now been excluded, so the result has come down a few percentage points. But these two CPUs are very close in performance. So close that other factors like RAM speeds and motherboard selection started to become important.


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      Anyway, why do you even include such abnormal results to the average? This result just impossible and breaks even basic metrology rules.


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        When we are only talking about small differences in performance, across a variety of hardware, with a limited number of data points, it is hard to determine what is normal and what isn't.