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Need some help with my processor

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  • Need some help with my processor

    Before I say anything allow me to say that my knowledge of computer hardware is similar to a toddler attempting to put a square block into a triangle shaped hole. That being said, I have an amd a4 7300apu with Radeon hd graphics, 3.8 GHz (straight from my computers specs) and I'm wondering what would be better than that. I've looked around but all these different processors have weird names with numbers and such (like mine) and it's all Greek to me. I use my computer for gaming and this processor isn't cutting it. I need something that can run games like overwatch or rainbow six siege in 60fps with no trouble. This one is capping at around 22-28 fps in overwatch. Thank you in advance for any help

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    For gaming you need a reasonable CPU and a good video card. At the moment you have neither (unless there is something you haven't told us).

    Video card upgrades are generally easier than CPU upgrades and have more impact. But you need to make sure you have space in the case for a new video card and a power supply to deal with it.

    The A4-7300 CPU uses an FM2 socket, so there are some upgrade options available, like the A10-6800K, but check your motherboard as you might be able to use a FM2+ CPU instead, which will give more choice.

    But if the CPU is slow, and the video card is slow and your RAM and hard drive are also surely slow, you might be better off with a whole new machine.


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      Actually it's just the processor, I upgraded my video card about a month ago to the geforce 1050ti and its worked phenomenal, my ram is 8gb and i have an empty slot so that's also not an issue. My computer just can't process everything that's happening while in a complex game. As for your suggested processors, would the a10 6800k handle 60 fps gaming well? And how can I check to see if my motherboard is compatible with an fm2+?


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        To work out the motherboard socket type, find out the motherboard model, then look up the specs online.
        The motherboard model number is reported by PerformanceTest if you won't want to open the machine up.

        Frame rates are hard to predict, without doing some testing. They will vary with the games, the settings & the monitor resolution.