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Memory benchmark way below average for same RAM model

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  • Memory benchmark way below average for same RAM model

    I am using 32GB Corasair Vengeance 1866 RAM, but my Memory Mark score is only 1371. The average for the same model is 2437. What would cause this? My GPU scored above average for the same model, as did my CPU, so I tend to think that the motherboard is fine...

    AMD FX 8350 (overclocked slightly)
    Radeon R9 280 (aka HD 7970)
    MB is ASUS m5a97 LE R2.0

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    RAM might be in the wrong slots, or BIOS settings wrong. Check the motherboard manual.


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      So, I read through the motherboard manual:

      The BIOS was autodetecting the RAM at 1033MHz. I switched from autodetect to DOHC and forced it to 1866. I also manually changed the timing to the specs for the RAM. The performance has increased marginally to 1467. Looking at the graph, there seems to be two distinct distributions of users with a big chunk of us getting terrible performance from the same stick. There must still be something specific (and important) that's wrong.

      Any ideas?

      Since I notice that I forgot to include it in the OP, the RAM is Corsair CMZ32GX3M4X1866310R.


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        Can you check the slots in use are the optimal ones for the motherboard. Can you also try it without the CPU overclocked,