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Minimum Intel and AMD CPUs/onboard graphics for smooth 4K playback.

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  • Minimum Intel and AMD CPUs/onboard graphics for smooth 4K playback.

    My old 1080P TV took a dump so it was replaced with a nice new Samsung 4K unit. I am currently using a laptop with an Intel i7-6500u CPU with a dedicated NVIDIA 940M 2GB GPU as well as the onboard graphics. This system is running 8GB of DDR3 RAM and equipped with a 2TB Samsung 850 Pro SSD.

    It was great until I decided to play a 4K video encoded in HEVC/x265 and it began to stumble enough to make it more enjoyable to playback at 1080P and everything was fine. The hesitation wasn't horrid but it was there. Anyone have any idea of what the basic minimum CPU should be for decent 4K playback under the most demanding conditions (high compression, etc.)? What have others played with here and had work? I am just getting into 4K so was wondering although I am not too concerned because there isn't much content yet.

    I often get computers left behind that customers do not wish to repair. The above unit was left with a busted screen and crashed HDD from a significant drop so made a perfect unit to re-use without a screen and SSD replacement.


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    I don't know the exact answer. But I would start by looking at the CPU load & GPU during playback. (and the temperature readings in the laptop, as they can get hot and throttle under load)
    Then experiment with different players, as they are likely to perform differently.
    Then play around with the power management settings in Windows & make sure the laptop isn't running on batteries during payback.