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single thread mobile cpu benchmarks

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  • single thread mobile cpu benchmarks

    I see the single thread cpu benchmark list has recently been added...excellent.
    How about mobile cpu's for single thread application. I want to spec a decent laptop for autocad 3d work and need to know what are the best cpu's for the job.

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    I would of course be technically possible to produce such a chart. I am not sure if there is enough demand.

    Out of the around 100,000 visits we get to the site per day, only around 500 visit the single threaded graph page (0.5%). About 2000 visit the laptop page (2%).

    The number of people who want a combined single threaded laptop CPU chart must be very small. Maybe < 0.1% of visitors. So it would be hard to justify.

    The workaround is to look at the top CPU from the laptop chart and then see how they are in the single threaded chart. To save you the trouble I did just this, and the laptop CPU you want is the Intel Core i7-3920XM. Second choice would be the Intel Core i7-3840QM.

    Turns out the best multithreaded few laptop CPUs are also the best single threaded ones. So in fact you can just look at the threaded chart to get an excellent idea of both single threaded and multi-theaded performance.

    Of course for 3D work you also need to consider the GPU. Not just the CPU.


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      thanks Mark...i hadnt conected the dots about the workaround you suggested, thanks for having a look...ill use the method you sugested to pick the best 'available' cpu

      for 3d I tend to consider everything not just the cpu/gpu, the bridge/bus sizes on the mobo, chipsets, and ram can have a lot to do with getting rid of the bottlenecks for 3dCAD too, I find most of the CAD machines that get speced are wofull and massivly overpriced, eg my home pc which cost me about 3 grand to build absolutley kicks the arse out of the hpz800's (about 14K) that we were given at work.
      ps...porps for the site, its great, its helped me build many a machine and is always one of the first ports of call on a research mission