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ASUS Strix GTX970, can I unlock the volt limit?

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  • ASUS Strix GTX970, can I unlock the volt limit?

    Ive been reading back and fort regarding the voltlimit set on the card. Some say nobody should go higher than what it is original. (1.212v)
    But when it constantly hits the volt limit. Even on original setup and not overclocked, then I feel Iwould need more power.
    I event went and changed the Bios of the card..
    I wrote all the clock volts over agan, changed the max volts(the volt limit) and even the fixed volts.
    Wich in my case should have been changing the voltlimits to 1.450v.

    After loading the new bios and the following steps, plus restarting the computer, yes the afterburner and or the evga precisionX show different relusts as of core clock speeds, memory speeds and power adjuster is changed. Still the limit is reached at 1.212v.

    Therefore no change on what I wanted to change.

    Also no difference what so ever in performance in benchmarks, at all.

    Does anyone know why? Or have they found out how tounlock it at all?
    I even went and tried a bios a guy uploaded, offcourse only after reading carefully trough what changes he did. Still no difference. It mainly messes up the overclock options rather than doing any good. Yes you can up the powertarget so that you dont hit the power limit. But only that it seems. Quite annoying at this point I may say.

    And my card is basicly steady at 50*C on the gpu. Have no idea what the memory temperature is.
    Also clocked the memory to 4200mhz(8400mhz) without any artifacts, for the safety if the card I put it back to 4000mhz since I dont know the temp on them small buggers

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    Your logic doesn't make sense to me. You are saying the volt limit is just the volt level you set. But then you say it constantly hits the voltage you set, therefore it needs to be higher?

    If you set a voltage level then one would expect the voltage to be at the level you set. In my mind, 'hitting' the requested voltage level isn't a justification for increasing the level.


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      In that case, thats not what I meant. Volt can not be atjusted at all nomatter what I set it at. Its allways been 1.212v. Even after I changed the bios that should make it higher. I still get feedback that the limit is hit at 1.212v


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        Been hearing some rumours that it was either bios locked or hardware locked on the volt limit. Therefore whatever adjustments I would make in 3rd party programs would not make a difference.

        I was hoping any of you here had any experience with these models and or if it is possible to unlock this barrier that I have.

        1 my card reaches voltlimit originally

        2 i overclocked it either way, with a very good gain, but card is allways at the volt limit now.

        3 with a higher voltlimit, my card should perform better, if it can take the extra volts and not burn

        4 as the temp is still fairly low, some extra mV wouldnt hurt. Is it possible to unlock the volt limit set for the card?


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          Maybe whatever tool you are using to monitor the voltage level is wrong? Or maybe the card really is locked down. In either case you are better off contacting the card manufacturer or the tool developer. We really don't know anything about the internal voltage regulation of the ASUS Strix GTX970 card.