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7990 in video charts?

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  • 7990 in video charts?

    Where the hell is it?

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    I second that


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      I'll have a look.
      Unlikely there will be any change until after Christmas now however.


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        We've checked the database and in this case it seems we really have had no submissions for this card. Considering this is a somewhat rare and expensive card this is not entirely surprising.


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          So no chance tou will buy and test


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            When we last looked (a week ago) it wasn't available locally yet. There were stores listing it, but it was out of stock (meaning that they never had any stock).

            It was also super expensive.

            So at the moment there is zero chance to buy it and test it ourselves. But I am sure it won't be be before someone has more money than sense and buys one

            Of course if you wanted to send us a couple of examples we'd be eternally grateful.


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              So you are not given freebes to promote new products and have to use company money to buy ok thats fair settle down


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                We don't get any free video cards.

                We get some free CPUs. But they tend to be the cheaper ones. But each year there are maybe 200 new CPU models coming out and we get only 2 or 3 freebies. So it is a drop in the ocean.

                We do buy a bunch of CPUs, video cards and motherboards each year, but there are way to many models to buy one of each. Especially as single CPU and video cards can be $1000+ now.


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                  Meanwhile we've now got Titan.

                  I thought this was a good website for benchmark info. I thought there'd be lots of input. But it's eerily quiet.