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What is happening to the i7 4770k?

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  • What is happening to the i7 4770k?

    I've noticed that the benchmarks are starting to drop a lot. It used to be 10332 then it went down to 10168. There was another score, but this is insane. Why does it keep dropping? It is now at 10100. What is going on?

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    1.5% change isn't exactly a insane drop.

    This is an oldish CPU now. So results will have been collected over a 5 year period.

    Could be a lot of different factors or a combination of factors. Some examples.
    - People are moving from Win7 to Win10. Maybe Win10 is 1% slower?
    - People are starting apply the Spectre & Meltdown patches which are known to have a (small) performance impact
    - As these machine get older they slow down. The hardware doesn't usually get slower. But software crud builds up over time.
    - Could be changes to device drivers, or Win10 patch releases.
    - Could be dust build up after 5 years in 1% of machines causing thermal throttling.
    - As this is an old CPU some of the results that make up the average score come from the older V8 release of PerformanceTest. So 5 years ago, all the results would have been from V8. But now they are all from V9. We tried to scale the results to match, but it isn't precise.


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      Wow, thanks for the answer. It is understandable then, but quite shocking to see it slowly become a mid-ranged to low-end CPU


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        but quite shocking to see it slowly become a mid-ranged to low-end CPU
        There has been a huge number of new CPU models released in the last 5 years. So it's normal that it is being pushed down.