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  • question about 7970

    On build 25154 they have a 3d mark of 8275 when the average is 4947 why is it so much higher then the rest since overclocking is up to 15% gain and crossfire gains little?

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    For baseline 25154, it looks like there are two factors lifting the results.

    The first is that the CPU (and probably the GPU) are heavy overclocked. Probably water cooled.

    The second factor is that it looks like the DirectX 11 3D test wasn't run, even though the video card and O/S should have been capable of running DirectX 11 code. So this is unusual. The DX11 test is also the most intensive test, with the lowest frame rates.

    We allow the DirectX11 test not to be run, as Windows XP and older video cards don't support it. But maybe we should be penalizing the overall result more if the DX11 test wasn't run. We'll look into this.


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      Please do thank you


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        Upon further investigation it looks like it might be a different manifestation of the same bug we found a few days ago.

        DirectX 11 3D results on Windows 8 are getting corrupted in about 4% Windows 8 machines (of the machines that can do Direct X 11 that is). Except in this case the corrupt value is < 0 FPS, resulting in the graph no being displayed.

        The test might have silently crashed, or it might be memory corruption, or something else. We have released a new version of PerformanceTest today, which might fix the problem outright, or it will at least warn about the problem so we can investigate further. (It is hard to investigate it here as none of our Win8 machine have the problem).

        We have deleted the baselines with this problem.


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          YES thats great


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            When I did a advanced serch on date sorting (other system settings) sort by G3d looks like there are very high 3d scores like bl 30264 nvida g force 210 gets 22,696 on 3d graphics mark
            Now it says I have the newest pt version
            On the disk mark for build 10377, 3628 and 30264 are they correct as well cause they are smoking fast


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              Yes, baseline 30264 is strange. Not just the 3D result either.
              Might be manipulation of the PC's clock (to slow down time for the PC, thus giving the illusion of more work being done each second).