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What GPU did I get? Not GTX 1050

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  • What GPU did I get? Not GTX 1050

    So, bought a "GTX 1050" off Amazon for less than $100... building my first PC in 20 years however I still should have known better. Anyway the benchmarks have been between 1500 and 2600 with no tweaking of anything (CPU, memory, etc...). No programs running in the back ground for any of the tests. I am pretty sure the card is a Frankenstein as the TechPowerUp GPU numbers are all over the place. Shaders 192, ROPs/TMUs 16/12, Memory 2048 MB, GPU Clock 825 MHz, and Memory 900 MHz. However if anyone knows what this might be I would love to hear it. Also is it pretty standard to get that variation in scores (~1100 diff)?Click image for larger version

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    Are you sure you have it in the correct PCIe slot. GPU-Z isn't our software, but isn't it reporting that you have a PCIe x16 card in a x4 slot? But the PCIe 1.1 interface standard is also wrong. Should be 3.0/

    But the numbers are a bit strange. As you say it might be a fake / scam where they reprogrammed the firmware so that it looks like a 1050.

    Maybe it is really a GTS450, as the GTS450 has 192 Shaders.

    If you really want to be sure, remove the heat sink and have a look at the chips (RAM and GPU). This assumes they haven't gone to the trouble of re-labelling the chips.

    Was it a known brand? What output connectors are on the card. Does it hard a old VGA connector? As this would be a bad sign. I don't think any new 1050 has the old VGA connector.

    Benchmark scores for the 3D should only vary by ~5% from one run to the next. If there are thermal issues it can be much larger however.


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      Sorry if this thread is dead, but my friend has the same card. Seems this chip is commonly used to make fake GPUs. He supposedly has a 750 ti, which he bought 3 years ago, and we actually just found out today it is fake, and I found this post trying to find out what the card actually is. Sorry you got burned man. If you find out/found out what the chip actually is, please let me know, my friend cant afford a new GPU just yet and we want to flash the right BIOS onto it.