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  • Low Profile" Graphics Card Advice

    I am looking to upgrade my graphics card so I can run Lumion more effectively (architectural rendering software).
    Lumion requires a passmark of 6000+ if possible, but upwards of 4500 would be an improvement.

    I have four spare card spaces in the case (are these called slots), and about 20cm (8") of depth spare.
    I've not had previous experience with PC hardware, sorry for the obvious questions.

    1) My PC case is pretty slim - about 10cm (4") and the plate to house the current graphics card is about 7.5cm (3").
    Is this considered a 'low profile' card?

    2) Can anyone make recommendations on a card that will suit my purpose (about 500USD max.).
    I am in Australia, but I'm happy to purchase from US if needed.

    3) Can anyone tell me if the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC Low Profile 4G is the card tested in the link below?

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    The height of the metal backing plate on a full size card is 12cm. So 7.5 would be low profile.
    This really limits your choice. So much so that I would consider getting a full size case and moving all the components over, they aren't too expensive.

    Things to worry about are,
    - Will the new card physically fit in the box.
    - Do you have a x16 slot available (or at least a x8 )
    - Does the motherboard support PCIe 3.0. Or at least 2.0
    - Is the power supply able to supply the required additional wattage
    - Does the power supply have the correct cabling for the card. Some cards required a dedicated cable from the PSU, with the power from the slot not being enough.

    PC Case gear (In Australia) have the MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GT LP card for $299 AUD. It comes with a large a small metal back plate. So there is a reasonable chance it will work.


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      The best low profile graphics card you can get is the GTX 1050 Ti Low profile version and it is available from MSI, Gigabyte and Zotac. You can check this roundup for all low profile GPU options