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wil nvidia gt 1030 be supported by my motherboard (ga-h81m-ww)

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  • wil nvidia gt 1030 be supported by my motherboard (ga-h81m-ww)

    i have gigabyte ga-h81m-ww motherboard. here is my detailed benchmark. i was wondering if nvidia gt 1030 would be supported or not. If not, what graphics card wolud do. thanks in advance

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    If you want to use the 1030, then you might need to disable the integrated card. Or maybe don't have your monitor connected to the 1030?


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      So. if i don't connect my monitor to the 1030 or disable the integrated graphics, it will work fine with my motherboard? and just to let you know I will also add another 8gb 1866 MHz(test) ram. Thanks


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        Here I done the research for you:

        According to Gigabyte product page for your motherboard, it has a PCIe 2.0 x 16 slot, so it should be able to support NVidia Geforce GT 1030. According to the motherboard manual, to have it output the display to the videocard installed to PCIe slot, you can disable the onboard graphics function in the BIOS. Of course you should attach your monitor to the output connector of the videocard and not the output of the motherboard.