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Replacement for ASUS M4A78 Pro Motherboard

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  • Replacement for ASUS M4A78 Pro Motherboard

    I seem to have shorted a USB cable and fried something on the motherboard. System will power-on, but never get to the BIOS or display anything on the screen. Thinking I need a new motherboard.

    Primary use is some digital image post processing and video/music streaming within my home. I would like to retain my storage and leverage my exisiting memory.

    Can anyone recommend a replacement motherboard that will fit the mounting holes and has the two "small" PCI Express x1 slots?

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    This is an old motherboard. It used DDR2 RAM. I don't think you can buy a new motherboard that uses DDR2 anymore.

    If you have the budget get a complete new machine. If you don't have a look around on Ebay for a 2nd hand MB. Unless you have some unusual case, most motherboards will have compatible mounting holes.,