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  • Memory Threaded / Memory write

    Hello everyone!

    Just came by to ask a noob question concerning the RAM test PERFORMANCE TEST provides.
    I recently bought two Kingston 99U5471-052.A00LF 8GB DDR3

    Altho it did speed up my computer (as I only had 4gb before), I was curious and ran a test using this software.
    I am completely unaware of what ''Memory Threaded'' and ''Memory write'' mean in term of productivity.
    The benchmark scored very low in those two categories and I am trying to figure out why that is and if there's a fix for it.
    I ran other tests and never got an error back.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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    There is no reason to think 8GB sticks would be any faster to than 4GB sticks.
    (unless you were running out of RAM and using disk swap space).

    My guess is that your CPU isn't a high end unit and can't use the full potential of the new RAM.