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NEW PC QUESTION - is it a good buy?

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  • NEW PC QUESTION - is it a good buy?

    Hi, my first post. Need help if this is a good buy...HP Elite 800 G3 "off lease" pc customized with I7 3.6, quad core, 8 thread, 4.7ghz turbo boost, 256 GB SSD M.2 drive, win 10 pro, 16GB DDR4, 8GB nvidia gtx 1080 for $1,800 us price. So, this pc is not brand new, it was a leased pc from another company, cleaned up and added some extras to make it saleable as a "gaming pc". I need power to stream games like Fortnite, highest settings with no lag while numerous streaming programs are running in background. My current pc can't handle this so as to wht I'm looking. Your opinions please. Thanks guys!

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    Would need to know the CPU model number, power supply details & SSD model number.

    Doesn't seem like a great deal for a 2nd hand unit.

    Dell XPS unit is significantly cheaper with similar specs and is brand new.