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  • Quadro VS GTX

    Good Day,
    I am Looking to buy a now Graphic Card, My pipeline is 80% 3ds Max and 20% Adobe suit and other 3D Packages.
    I do not GPU Render.
    Would It be better getting a K2000 Quadro or a 770 GTX
    Highly appreciated

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    If you spend 80% of your time in 3DS Max, then it makes sense to seek out a specific 3DS Max benchmark.

    For example this charts at Tom's,3305.html
    Seems to indicate the K2000 is fairly slow.


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      Dear David,
      Thank you for your assistance.
      I checked out the Link, but my technical knowledge is fairly low to decide from a detailed chart.
      Would you think it is best for my situation and workflow to upgrade to GTX or to Quadro.
      Highly Appreciated


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        I don't really know enough about 3DS Max, your situation or your workflow to give a good answer. I would suggest joining a 3DS forum and asking people who use 3DS professionally.

        The GTX cards are cheaper. But the argument nVidia make for the Quadros is that they are tested, and tuned on applications like 3DS. In my opinion this is mostly marketing spin to get you to pay 3x as much for the same hardware.