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Best CF combo for your buck?

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  • Best CF combo for your buck?

    I was wondering what the best GPU setup for your buck currently was.

    I found the "Best GPU'S for your buck" on your site to be extremely unhelpful as you didn't include multi GPU comparisons and most of the top 10 cards on your list suck and are for the extremely poor 16 year olds or casual gamer I am neither.

    I'm looking for a GPU setup within the $1,000 range and I've been thinking of the following two setups but am open to suggestions.

    2x Ati Radeon 7970 ghz editions
    1x Geforce GTX Titan

    I was wondering if there was much of an increased difference (if any) between 7970 Ghz Edition CF and a single GTX Titan. Obviously two titans would be the best of the best setup but I don't want to spend over 2 grand on a GPU setup.

    A simple google search wasn't of much help with this question. I did find a bench on amdandtech but I didn't know how accurate it was as it uses 10 year old games and says that 7970 ghz edition CF was considerably better. I think that they would be close or a little better. If there isn't much of a difference I'd rather pay $200-$300 less as you can get 2 ghz editions for $800-$850 vs the titan which is $1,000-$1,100.

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    Originally posted by PCEnthusiast View Post
    I found the "Best GPU'S for your buck" on your site to be extremely unhelpful
    I don't think the Titan would make it into anyone's list of best value video cards.

    Either setup should easily handle any current game that's on the market.

    I have a preference for single card solutions. As generally there is less power usage, less noise, less heat and less compatibility problems.


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      You need to look at reviews and benchmarks on SLI/CrossFire.

      I generally go by: for 2-card SLI, the scaling is approx 1.8x a single NVidia card. I haven't been following Crossfire. But I know, from reading reviews and benchmarks, that a 3rd Nvidia card only adds about a 60% card gain and a 4th card even less.
      So to get an idea of how much 'oomph' I'd get, I use the GPU benchmark data on this site and make the above adjustments for however many cards I'd be able to afford and my PSU would still push along.
      Also the GeForce website gives you an idea of how many fps you'd get for different cards and SLI with optimum settings for different games.
      Reviews and Benchmarks also give you an idea for how particular cards and crossfire or SLI perform for specific games.
      You never seem to get all the info you want from one website. But after a lot of research, you start getting a picture to help with your choice.
      But generally, it seems that, with NVidia cards anyway, you can overclock a GPU so it performs as good as the card above it; eg you can overclock a GTX780 so it performs as well as a reference Titan. So in this particular case, I certainly agree with David - buy a GTX780 instead of a Titan.