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Upgrading My CPU

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  • Upgrading My CPU

    Hey guys. I am a gamer and currently playing Planetside: 2 and WOW. WOW runs just fine but I'm looking to get some better FPS out of PS2. Right now at max settings I get no less than 30FPS in the heaviest combat and it generally plays really smooth in medium to low population zones. Here are my current specs.

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Graphics Card-4GB Ram
    Windows 8 64 Bit Premium
    8GB DDR3 System RAM 1333 MHz
    Intel Core i3-2120 CPU @3.30GHz, Sandy Bridge Socket LGA1155
    Intel Desktop Board DH61WW

    I would like to keep my current MOBO so I can avoid doing a fresh install of windows. However, if the new ivy bridge or haswell boards are THAT much better than what I have, I will switch to one of those. I'm thinking about getting a I5-3570K CPU so I can just easily swap it out with my current i3 but I don't know how much of an improvement it would make for gaming. I'm pretty sure my CPU is what is bottlenecking my performance since I get almost identical framerates when the game settings are set to low vs ultra and the ingame FPS monitors always say it's my CPU bottlenecking instead of my video card.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    The I5-3570K would be an OK upgrade. For a bit more you could goto the Intel Core i7-3770 however. I don't think getting a new MB makes much sense.