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How do I upgrade my Packard Bell imedia S2100 processor

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  • How do I upgrade my Packard Bell imedia S2100 processor

    I want to upgrade my processor but I have never done this before and could do with some help.

    I have a Packard Bell IMedia S2100 with AMD E2-1800 EPU with Radeon HD 7340 Graphics.

    I have Windows 7 already installed on PC when I bought it so I have no Windows 7 discs. But I did create recovery discs.

    The package says socket FT1 BGA. 4 GBytes DDR3 memory.

    I am looking at getting a AMD 6 Core FX 6300 4.1 Ghz + Gigabyte 78LMT USB 3 Motherboard


    AMD Quad Core FX4100 3.6 Gigabyte 78LMT USB 3 Motherboard.

    I also read a AMD Phenom 11 X4 945 3.0GHz Quad-Core Processor + a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Micro ATX AM3+ Motherboard would be good.

    The above are about all I can afford so naturally I am looking for best value for money. I saw these on the net for sale as bundles.I guess I need to know is it particularly difficult installing the above and do you know of any good links that could help me when I do get the cpu and MB. If you know a better cpu and motherboard or indeed if I can get away with just a processor without a new motherboard that would be great.

    Any help would be much appreciated and I can give more info on my system as needed.


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    I think the AMD E2-1800 CPU uses a BGA413 connection to the motherboard. BGA = Ball Gate Array, which is for surface mount soldering. So I don't think there will be any upgrading of the CPU without the motherboard.

    If upgrading both the motherboard and CPU, then you need to consider if the motherboard will fit in the case, if the power supply will be large enough for the new hardware, will your old RAM still be compatible, do you have working Windows install disks to reinstall windows if required, does your optical drive have a SATA interface (assuming the new MB doesn't have IDE), is the case deep enough for the CPU heat sink and is there enough cooling in the case.

    I note the standard hard drive in these Packard Bell machines was a lame 1TB 5400RPM drive & the amount of RAM is also low by today's standards.

    I often consider upgrades like you are suggesting, but dismiss them. When every component is old it is often a better idea to sell the entire working machine then use the proceeds to upgrade to an entirely new machine. Not that computers are worth much 2nd hand. But the old E2 CPU and motherboard are worth zero once removed from the machine.