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Test values - 7700K single thread

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  • Test values - 7700K single thread

    When I look at CPU-benchmarks Im most interested in Single Thread Performance. Now when AMD has released their new Ryzens my eyes stopped on the 3600 which seems to have great Single Thread Performance.

    I currently own a 7700K and wanted to do a comparison between my 7700K and the 3600. According to other tests the 7700K has a score of 2583 and the 3600 about 2859.

    But when I tested my own system today (with your software ofc) I got a result that gave me 2800+. What is "wrong" here?

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    The scores on our site are an average of real life systems.

    So nothing is wrong. You are just above average. Maybe a nice clean machine with good RAM. Or maybe a light overclock?

    Here is the distribution

    Click image for larger version

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