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Astonish Intel cpu downgrades after vulnerability patches !

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  • Astonish Intel cpu downgrades after vulnerability patches !

    Helo Greatings from Brasil, i just signed to this forum to tell you what i observed in the cpu benchmarks charts about Intel cpus.

    My brother has a i3-7100 cpu and i was amazed about its performance in games and in game emulators, since the i3-7100 and G4560 (2 cores 4 threads) competed with FX-8300 (with 8 cores).

    Today i was astonished when i was looking for some cpus pontuation in Passmark high end cpu chart and i dont found my brother's i3-7100 neither G4560 in the high cpu chart. Last time i saw this chart my cpu FX 6300 was behind i3-7100 and G4560 but now these 2 cpus are behind my FX 6300, and in the midle-low cpu chart!

    I think it is because of Windows Vulnerability patches aplied from Windows Update automaticaly.

    Its astonish this to me.

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    Most games don't use 8 CPU cores. They are more dependant on single thread performance (or 2 or 4 core performance).

    The i3-7100 has much better single thread performance than the old FX-8300.

    So it is no surprise that the i3 is better is gaming.
    In other application that can use 8 cores the FX-8300 is better.

    All of the chips you mention are slow compared to current high end chips.
    This isn't really anything to do with Windows patches.