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    Hello I Need Advice

    I would like to ask which RAM is better on paper
    in brenchmark tests

    Motherboard is Z390 Taichi Ultimate and Intel Core i9-9900K BX80684I99900K

    G.Skill F4-3600C17Q-64GTZR
    G.Skill F4-3733C17Q-64GTZR
    G.Skill F4-3200C14Q-64GTZ

    Corsair CMW64GX4M4K3600C18

    it does not have to be this motherboard it can be also other it is mainly about the speed of reading and writing and the lowest latency

    because it can't be controlled.
    Because there is only one ram tied as 16GB.
    And I don't know what my product number is about one frame or 16GB here

    if you could number them please I would be happy

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    There really shouldn't be much difference in most applications. On paper the G.Skill F4-3200C14 or G.Skill F4-3733C17 should be the best option.
    But most applications aren't sensitive enough to the RAM speed to see a huge performance difference.

    Where you will see a difference is running in dual channel mode vs single channel mode. So buy 2 x 8GB, rather than 1 x 16GB.


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      According to this it's 3733 vs 3200 is better 3733

      1...What about the four-channel mode?

      2...Then there is 2x32gb or 64gb in dual channel mode but you do not have it in tests for example it's this

      3... when will be available benchmarks 2x32GB or 1x32GB ???
      Or is there very few people that have this RAM ???


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        The 3733 show slightly lower latency and slightly higher read speeds.

        The i9-9900K doesn't support 4 channel RAM. Only 2 channel. So all else being equal the performance of 4 sticks should be no better than 2.

        At the moment the most common setup is 16GB of RAM. Most people don't need or use more than this. Only 2% of people are running 64GB. So the sample size for benchmarks are small.