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  • max possible evo840 score

    hi Dave was just looking about through Passmark old scores for the GTX770,I compared scores of this one particular build and had a look at its disk score,and surely its not right records an ungodly high score for a Samsung 840 Evo.Its listed as number 170071.If this score is in fact achieved through non-devious methods,I swear Im off to buy an 840 Evo tomorrow,and selling my 970 Evo cheap...keep well and I truly enjoy Passmark...greetings from South Africa

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    The highest EVO 840 score I could find was 2498.
    Do you have the baseline number for the result in question (or URL if you were browsing online).

    There was / is a problem with Samsung Magician software caching app.


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      HELLO DAVE reply to the reply you kindly gave me.The 840 evo in question is to be found in the list of the first 100 GTX770s, I got there through simple search function,and then clicking on drives for the list of GTX770s.And you will see the 840evo whos score extends across the screen.The number next to it is #170071.Sorry for my crude directions keep well...


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        Ignore what I said above. It was wrong. There are a whole bunch of EVO 840's that score above 2498. I was only looking at part of the list as my SQL query only listed the first 5000 results from the database.

        The units with the really high scores are due to RAM caching and have already been excluded from our charts. But the results are still in the database to be found.


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          thanks I understand now,ram caching speed was recorded,not taking the speed of the entire disk as a whole,if I understood right...keep well


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            sorry Dave I meant disk caching,not ram caching.I have ram on the brain lol