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Why no i7-4558U benchmarks??

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  • Richard (PassMark)
    We don't (or at least very rarely) benchmark CPUs ourselves for the CPU charts. Nearly all data in the charts comes from user submissions from our PerformanceTest software. It seems no-one has submitted any results thus far for this particular CPU model.

    If you or anyone who has this CPU, can run our PerformanceTest software to submit their benchmark results to us and it should appear in the charts within a day.

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  • Matt310
    started a topic Why no i7-4558U benchmarks??

    Why no i7-4558U benchmarks??

    How is it possible that i7 option for the late 2013 13" Macbook Pro, the i7-4558U, is no where to be found?? Is this a problem with the passmark site or software, or is the Macbook not actually shipping with that CPU?

    Anyone know?