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Asus N76 series; which videochip for my purposes?

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  • Asus N76 series; which videochip for my purposes?

    Hi all, I am about to buy an Asus N76 laptop, which I will be using for mainly office, surfing, a bit downloading, music, watching a movie, etc. I will not be playing heavy games. Now I have a question regarding the video cards which come with the N76 series: GT630M, GT635M, GT650M and GT740M. Are there big differences in performance? And looking at my laptop purposes does the GT630M do the trick or do you guys advise to absolutely go for the GT740M? Thanks a lot! Regards Jankees

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    If you aren't gaming, or doing 3D content creation, then get the low end video card.

    A high end video card will not help with browsing, downloading, watching a DVD, etc..

    If you are doing any gaming I would get the high end card.