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'Best Value' video card comparison is very old.

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  • 'Best Value' video card comparison is very old.

    This search is using 1-3 year old values for the video cards. It seems to be using the value set in the description of the video card, rather than the current daily value of the card. This is skewing the results. I was searching the 7850, and the description shows $129.99, but the current value for today is $210. So the price/performance is way lower than what is shown for the card.

    Any way to get this updated? For those of us on a budget this is the best way to find the most bang for the buck.

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    There are actually two charts for value ratings, an "On Sale" now chart and an "All Time" chart. The "On Sale" charts tracks the prices from our affiliates, NewEgg and Amazon. As of this post, Dec 11, 2013, the HD 7850 is available from NewEgg for $129.99 ($159.99 - $30 rebate).


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      Now it's updated correctly. Before it was showing very old cards on there. And only the top 10, now it's showing top 50, with more options. This is based on going to Video Card Benchmarks, and clicking on Best Value at the very bottom. Whoever updated it, thank you.