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$400 Titan - I don't think so!

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  • $400 Titan - I don't think so!

    The Price Performance of Titans shot up, so I checked. I had a look on Newegg and Amazon and couldn't find a Titan for $378.

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As mentioned previously, the pricing is automatically updated via scripts. The script tries to match up the the prices for different videocard from their names to those returned by NewEgg and Amazon through their APIs.

    While not a perfect solution, we do not have the resources to manually monitor the charts everyday. The automated matching reduces the amount of time required to produce the charts. From time to time and when we get notified, we will go and clean up the charts when necessary. In this case the $400 price is from a false match to a GTX 770 with a "Titan" Cooler. I have removed this item from further matches in the future.