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    So I'm getting some fairly low benchmark scores just wondering if anybody would be able to lend a bit of a hand.

    My system is Dual Xeon X5650's, and my CPU score is a low lower than the one in your chart! I get really low scores on 4 of the tests, Prime numbers, Extended Instructions, Physics and Single Threaded! Just wondering if there's any relationship between these test that could be the root cause of my problem?

    I also get very low memory test across the board (overall score of 902!) , not sure if maybe those tests require more memory than the others? My RAM is 24GB (6x4GB) of DDR3, 1333Mhz.

    Thanks for any help!!

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    The score on the web site are just averages. So about 50% of machines should be below the average. What were the scores?

    But the 902 value does seem a little low for the memory mark.
    What speed is it running at (in BIOS)?
    IS it ECC RAM? As ECC is always a bit slower.


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      Thanks for the reply! My scores were:

      CPU Mark - 8017
      CPU Integer Math - 22240
      Floating Point Math - 12986
      Prime Numbers - 19.2
      Extended Instructions - 28.2
      Compression - 19560
      Encryption - 2324
      Physics - 282.3
      Sorting - 9250
      Single Threaded - 1234

      The BIOS says it's running at 1333Mhz, I tried forcing 1333, instead of letting it auto detect, to see if I got any increase in performance but it made no difference.

      It is ECC, would that be making it run this slowly?


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        Actually the single threaded score (and floating point) are what I would expect. The rest are low.

        Check for overheating.
        Check in the Edit / preferences window that you are running at least 12 threads.

        ECC is slower but other machines with the same CPU and ECC RAM do seem to be doing better. So there is probably something else not right.


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          Not overheating as far as I can tell! CPU's run at a max 45-50C.

          Just checked and it is running 12 threads.

          Could it be the lack of modules installed, limiting the bandwidth?

          Thanks again!


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            Certainly worth checking that the RAM sticks are in the optimal slots. Normally for a motherboard there are particular slots that should be filled first. The details will be in the motherboard manual.


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              Just checked the manual and they're in the right slots! So it should be running okay?


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                I'm not sure if I'm just an idiot or if it has changed, but I just checked my BIOS again today and now it's staying that my RAM is only running at 800Mhz? So looks like that is the cause of the problem! Sorry to waste your time!

                Any idea as to why it would be running it slowly?


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                  Normally BIOS collects all the details from all the RAM sticks and determines the maximum possible speed. So if all the sticks are 1333, then it should have picked this speed.

                  Might be a BIOS bug. Do you have the latest BIOS?


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                    This is interesting. I also get extremely low performance on all of my components in the benchmarks. I have a 4930k that scores around 5000 points. The average for the same processor is 13500.
                    Same thing with the graphics card, a 780 ti. It scores 4000 compared to the 8500+ average. Memory is also scoring very low. I have searched for days for a solution. The system performance in games is not nearly as good as it should be.


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                      See this post to start with if you PC in slow overall.
                      Causes and Solutions for a slow PC