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Athlon 3000G not showing on Best Value charts

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  • Athlon 3000G not showing on Best Value charts

    Hello community and staff!

    I would like to inform that the Athlon 3000G model already has 15 benchmark samples but it is still not showing on the Best Value charts.

    Thanks again!

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    The Best Value (on Market) is only for CPUs where we have current pricing. Amazon doesn't return any results for this CPU. It is available on Newegg only by manually searching their site. Newegg changed their affiliate program provider recently and the new service does not currently offer complete product catalog. Instead, we are using their search API from their affiliate program (which seems to return different results from their site search). Which does not return the Athlon 3000G in the results.

    We have manually added the price for 3000G, but it will likely drop off again in a week or so when old affiliates links are cleaned up.


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      Good news! Now we have the 3000G on Amazon!


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        Amazon shows it not in stock until the 8th of May until that time it will probably not be picked up by the API. The API is only using product results which are in stock at the time of query.