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passmark top 20 systems, diskmark ratings

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  • passmark top 20 systems, diskmark ratings

    As I was testing my system it's passmark wasn't allowed because of it's Samsung rapid mode disk utility. It stated that it was a disk caching routine that altered the real capabilities of the ssd. If that's the case then I have to ask about the top 20 systems and their diskmark ratings; they could only be achieved utilizing a disk cache system similar to rapid mode. Just looking for why some systems are allowed and others are not. If that's the case then only read/write to the disk should be allowed. Just looking for a shot at the top 20.

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    This was a recent change in PerformanceTest.

    See this post for details.

    We have no problem with people using RAM disks (which is common in the Top 20) and similar exotic configurations, as long as it is clear from the system information that this is the case. This one is a good example,

    From time to time we delete, exclude or block benchmark results that have scores that don't reflect the hardware in use.