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  • CPU Rating in my head

    I used passmark to rate every pc for my customers, family and friends.
    I use the passmark score to give shopping tipps, to find errors and I can identify for which application is the pc useful.

    For example:
    1200 absolute minimum for work
    1800 youtube in sd
    3500 starts to make fun
    6000 makes fun
    8000+ playing games

    I know the benchmark score for many CPUs and so I know for which application I can use it.
    I use your score for many years.

    With your new scale my experience is completly gone. I have to begin by 0.

    Please return to the old scale, I think many computer technicians use your site to check which speed PCs have.

    Best regards

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    All the old numbers are here,

    At the top end there was almost no change. For example,
    AMD Ryzen 9 3900X in V9 was 31,909
    AMD Ryzen 9 3900X in V10 is 32,776

    But there were big changes for older CPUs as they don't support some of the newer features in new CPUs, which are used in V10.


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      David, Sir. I registered to say:
      Thank you Pass Mark guys for everything!

      On the subject.Today I realized you downgraded my i5-2400 by 1/3 Old sucker is still doing amazing job though.
      However everything I knew about computers changed, since I'm a computer chimpanzee compared to you people
      For so long I believed i5-2400 > athlon 2200ge and now I'm lead to believe my old computer is worse than the cheapest possible new PC (((

      Nevertheless, respect! I needed some support from you guys an year ago and I know you're awesome^^

      Stay healthy!


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        I can not understand your scoring. You change the rating for old CPUs because newer CPUs have more calc features.
        You decrease the rating from older CPUs. Why is it not possible the keep the rating from older CPUs and increase the rating of newer CPUs.

        Or if this is not possible, can you please add the version 9 in the benchmark website of an processor


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          Why is it not possible the keep the rating from older CPUs and increase the rating of newer CPUs
          PT10 produces a wider range of benchmark results.

          So if hypothetically results from PT9 ranged from 1 to 100, then PT10 might be from 1 to 130. So the range is possible results is stretched (but not in a linear fashion as some CPU families benefit and some don't).

          So it isn't possible to scale the PT10 results to all match the PT9 results. Yes, we could have picked a 10 year old CPU and scaled everything around that CPU, but then the high end CPUs (everything released in the last 5 years) would jump significantly higher causing even more problem with ongoing tenders and the like.


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            Has the owner of a small PC repair shop, and someone who resell computers to small businesses and homes, CPU ratings are also in my head. I know the basic numbers by heart.
            • 1000 :
              • Windows 10 can run but it'll be slow.
            • 2000:
              • Windows 10 runs well (Not a jet) but don't use any extra anti-malware software. Just use Windows default Anti-virus.
            • 4000 :
              • Windows 10 will run very smooth if at least 6GB of RAM is installed and a 250GB SATA SSD.
              • It's a perfect refurbished computer for people not willing to pay to full price of a new i5 computer with NVMe PCIe SSD and 8GB of Ram.
              • Many people, these days, almost don't use their PCs. They use their tablets and phone on a daily basis. But their PCs : Only for specific tasks : Banking, Preparing their income tax reports, etc. They're not always willing to pay the full price of a new computer.
            • 7000 :
              • Very good performance.
              • My laptop has a i7-3610QM and had a passmark of 7504. Now it has a Passmark of 5335.
              • Still going strong but I'm on the way to upgrade to a more powerful laptop wich supports NVMe PCIe SSDs. I mean 3000MB/s is way better than 500MB/s right?
            • 12000 and over:
              • My next laptop!!!!! (I wish) With an i7-10.....U: Plenty of power and beautiful battery life.
            I understand that Passmark needed to evolve. Like the CPUs and other hardware evolve. Its just that we're used to stability and rationality. It was super easy to explain to the customer: "A CPU with a Passmark of 4000 is 4 times faster than a CPU with a Passmark of 1000." And they would understand instantly. 1+1=2 you know? Don't say to them: i7-4770, i3-5005U or i5-1035G1... They won't have a clue of what you're talking about. They'll be lost. Passmark was our life buoy.

            Now with v10 the numbers don't mean anything... Yet! They will eventually, but it'll take time.

            Here's a new feature request:
            • Create a special page which will show all the CPUs on the same page.
            • Show these columns:
              • CPU Name
              • CPU Mark v9
              • CPU Mark v10
              • Single Thread Rating v9
              • Single Thread Rating v10
            • For the benchmarking software:
              • This is totally optional but would help to compare the new CPUs to the numbers we're used to:
              • By default, run v10 AND v9 benchmarks one after the other and post to the website.
              • Give the option to run only v10 if desired.
            After a few months... A year or two... We'll be able to tell the difference between v9 and v10 : "Ahh! OK! To run Windows 10 comfortably you need a v10 passmark of 2777!" (Example: the i5-5300u)

            Please: Just give us some help and some time to go over the transition.

            I hope this will help PassMark staff understand what CPU Mark means to Millions of people and many, many... many, many businesses .

            Best regards,


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              Yes, the range of results increased. The super high end is higher and the low end is lower.

              The numbers you presented still aren't that far out.

              While *very* subjective I would be saying.

              Min requirement for Win10.

              Slow Win10 machine. But usable with a SSD and good internet.

              Totally adequate for most uses (Email, web browsing, Word, Excel).

              Fast PC. Good enough for most games and nearly everything else.

              High end gaming, video editing

              People with more money than sense. Specialized scientific uses, Ultra high end gaming, High end servers with 100s of simultaneous users


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                There is a big problem for the future. Now all computer technicians learn the version 10 values. In 2-4 years you switch to version 11 and we will start again?
                I'm sad, that I'm dependent from your benchmark values.

                Is it possible to add both values to the CPU website? Version 9 and 10. With both values on one page technicians get a better feeling for the new values.
                In 99% I search google for "CPU-name benchmark" and I get to your site. I never use the software. I only use the results.
                Other benchmark sites also list the different scores of different versions.