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INTEL Core i7-4820K - 2011 socket versus i7-4770K socket 1150

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  • INTEL Core i7-4820K - 2011 socket versus i7-4770K socket 1150

    Hi, Just wondering peoples opinions on which is better and why? Thinking of using one of theses with a new build. Thanks

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    Main difference is that the i7-4820K doesn't have any in built graphics support. So you need an external video card.


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      Thanks for the reply. I was going to get an external video card anyway, possibly GTX770, but was mainly wondering about the socket difference and also I have read the max RAM the 4770k can handle is 32GB, was wondering if this was different for the 4820k, as I can't find a definite answer anywhere. Also what you recommend performance wise? Thanks


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        The 4820K can address 64GB (if the motherboard allows it). But very few people need more than 32GB with todays software.
        Performance wise they are close enough that you won't notice a significant difference.

        The socket type isn't really important. Pick the CPU you want and that will dictate the socket you are using.


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          The 4820-K !
          I have the 4770-K and the 4820-K on another machine and the 4820-K is slightly faster especially when running Microsoft FSX, excellent chip for the flight sim , easily overclocked to 4.5 Ghz which is where it is humming along at right now. the is no slouch though they're both almost dead even to be honest just 4820-k seems to perform better with flight sim FSX which by the way is a single threaded sim but extremely taxing on the system