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  • Radeon RX5600m Benchmark

    Why do you have the Radeon RX5600m benchmarked at 6,042 when it is identical to the Radeon RX5600XT rated at 13,436? It also out performs the nVidia GTX1660TI mobile rated at 10,169?

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    when it is identical
    They aren't identical.
    Radeon RX 5600 XT has higher clock frequencies, higher pixel and texture fill rates, higher memory bandwidth, etc....
    Mobile chips are also often thermally limited, depending on the laptop design.


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      Maybe you should take a look at this, David.
      Obviously, you all at Passmark made grievous mistakes testing the Radeon RX 5600 M.


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        Maybe you should take a look at this
        That article doesn't even mention the Radeon RX5600 XT. So I don't see how that helps your argument that the RX5600m & RX5600XT are identical hardware with identical performance.


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          Ok, here is an article that does. I really think that you should look into it because Passmark has made a big mistake.


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            That article also doesn't say they are the same. Having the same amount of video RAM doesn't mean the cards are identical.

            It's pretty simple. The cards have different model model numbers, different characteristics and very different thermal envelopes (once installed). As a result they perform differently. There is no grievous mistake.

            I assume you have a RX5600m and ran the benchmark and got poor results and now you are trying to blame the benchmark.