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Low Score on RX5700XT?

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  • Low Score on RX5700XT?

    Hello Community,

    i am new to benchmarking and i just tested my system. I got very bad performance results for my Rx5700xt.
    The rest of my system is:

    AsRock H87 Pro 4
    Intel I7 4790K
    Kingston Hyper Fury x DDR 3 32 GB 1600 Mhz
    System Running on SSD
    I still have games running on HDD.

    Can you help me?

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    See this post to start with
    Causes and Solutions for a slow PC


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      Out of the container the reference 5700 XT has high blasted paces however under load it overheats and along these lines drops casings to the degree that it is pretty much unusable for requesting games like PUBG. To settle the card it was under volted by 120 mV and the most extreme clock was brought down to 1,980 MHz (the stock BIOS and 19.9.1 driver defaulted the card to 2,030 MHz). The fan bend likewise must be gone up to around half force at 75 degrees (which is significantly noisier than stock). In the wake of rolling out these improvements the card conveyed undeniably more steady execution though with a diminished maximum velocity and unsatisfactory (hair dryer) levels of commotion.

      And I have small queries which I guess you can solve me with replies. Waiting for them!

      John Peter. K