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    Given that one of the primary purposes of a powerful GPU is to render scenes, those that approach the threshold of being indistinguishable from reality should be rewarded.

    I recommend a plan for phasing in (within 6 to 12 months) increasing weight on photo-realistic rendering capability, which would include ray-trace, etc. as a more significant percentage of the final result, perhaps in the 10 - 25 percent range.

    I'm sure this has already been discussed, so just my two-cents.

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    When developing the last major release of PerformanceTest over a year ago we looked at real time ray tracing. But at the time no games supported it and the standards were not well defined. Even today there are basically 3 solutions. Microsoft's, nVidia's and Engine based GPU agnostic ray tracing. So as a developer it is hard to know which one to pick and it is too much development effort to support all of them. I expect the industry to standardize on Microsoft's solution in the next few years as part of the DirectX12_2 feature level (with Ray tracing tier 1.1), which was announced a couple of months ago. There are claims that Intel Xe and Qualcomm Snap dragon will eventually support 12_2.

    It is similar situation with OpenCL, DirectCompute and CUDA. Too many standards.