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RTX 2070 underperforming?

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  • RTX 2070 underperforming?

    Hi everyone!
    I think my 2070 is really underperforming. In Warzone I only got max 100 fps in game while my friend with the exact same settings got 120+ with a RX vega 56.
    So i decided to benchmark my card and its only got 9176 points and 57% percentile. Its waay under the 2060's score (passmark say its 16171)
    So my question is maybe my graphic card is faulty or its bottlenecked somehow or its a driver problem?
    My pc had some Bsod too I think it was because the ram sticks was in the wrong slots but i replaced them and now I dont get the bsod and i finally can turn on the XMP without any crash but if i try to overclock my pc its still happening. Im helpless at this moment.

    Here is my specs:

    -Intel I5 9600K 3.70Ghz XMP ON
    -Dark rock pro 4 - cooler

    -2x8 HyperX predator CL13 2666 RAM (They are in the right slots)

    -Asus Rog Strix Z390-H motherboard

    -MSI Armor RTX2070

    -Gigabite G750W power supply

    ​​​​-Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    (Sorry if my english is broken im not a native speaker)

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    See this page to start with


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      Thank you very much for this link. Looks helpfull. Im gonna try to reseat the graphic card and try to clean the connector because i saw its always run in x2 instead of x16. (its in the right lane i double checked from the asus website)

      Can i try to clean the card connection lane with a clothes or something?

      If its not work i will try to refresh bios. I will update here if its helped me.
      I already tried most of the otther thigs from the list so i hope its will help.


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        Good evening David!
        Fortunately looks like i solve the problem. A little dust grain was in the gpu socket i cleaned it and voila!
        Now passmark score is waay better 87% and 17401 point. Amazing!

        Thanks again for the link page!


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          Good work !