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Need help understanding the CPU Mark chart

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  • Need help understanding the CPU Mark chart

    How should I read this chart?
    How come a $1K CPU and a $8K CPU have such similar scores?
    It doesn't make sense.
    Can someone advize?
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    This has been answered in a email as well:

    Besides looking at the overall performance, there are likely other features you need to assess, e.g. the Intel Xeon Platinum 8380 has 40 cores versus the 24 on the Epyc 7443P,

    For server CPUs they may also support different technologies, e.g. virtualization/security. Regarding the pricing vs performance, we do not set the pricing. The pricing is obtained from product/data sheets and from our affiliates.

    It would seem very hard for Intel to justify this $8K price for a CPU. But pricing is really a question for Intel, not us.


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      Thank you for the quick reply Simon. Just one clarification please. The "CPU Mark" score is for a single core or for the complete CPU (performance of all cores together)?


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        CPU Mark is for all cores. For single core result, there is 'Single Thread Rating'