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GSKILL V 16C 8 GVKB new highest score

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  • GSKILL V 16C 8 GVKB new highest score

    I know its no big deal but to me(after spending a lot of spare time playing with voltages timings and frequencies) it I must is.Dave the long standing record for the ram model in the title is 4379 as of this morning it is......4429.I know compared to some big-bucks rigs its nothing but damn Im pretty bloody proud of my modest old rig lol.I submitted my results properly this time and hope to see my score reflected whenever I attempt to improve it further lol.Thanks Dave for your time and patience...keep well

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    Sorry why am I still waiting for any kind of acknowledgment(response) from the esteemed modetators,is there a national holiday celebrating political correctness and racial diversity going on today in Australia the last couple of days...


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        Thanks Dave at last I have won something lol,keep well