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Is my RAID10 terrible?

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  • Is my RAID10 terrible?

    After posting to a question about RAID0 performance, I decided to try an advanced benchmark of my D drive, which is a RAID10 array of 4 2TB Seagate FireCuda 530s. I've been happy with the performance, overall, but... one never knows if they're getting hosed in the performance department until asking an expert. My max latencies are bad, which makes some sense. I thought they were better when I posted in the other thread. The Disk Mark score is about 3000 points lower than my previous non-RAID setup for the drive. I hope I didn't massively screw up something.
    Thanks for any advice or pearls of wisdom!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	SeagateFireCuda530RAID10080122b.png
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    Would have been interesting to see the same numbers for the single drive setup.

    If you already have a very fast single M2 SSD, then building a RAID set doesn't add much, if any, performance. But the exact outcome depends on the quality of the RAID controller, the type of data access you are commonly using, your PCIe bus speed, and the individual drives that make up the RAID set. It is pretty much guaranteed that you are adding latency however. So any read / write with a small block size and low queue depth will be bad.

    But what is strange with your numbers is how much better the write is than the read. I would have guessed it should be the other way around (Read > Write).

    Having said that, all your numbers are pretty good, even the average latencies.


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      Thanks, David. I will get you single drive numbers, but it will have to be for my boot drive. I was also expecting read to be much higher than write.


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        Sorry it took so long. I've been very busy. Here are the stats for the C drive.
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          So really not much performance difference between RAID and a single (high end) M2 drive. The differences look to be so small that you wouldn't notice them in normal use.
          RAID is good as a backup however (mirrored drives)


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            Yeah. That was really the intent. I'm afraid of RAID0, and I wanted more storage than RAID1, so RAID10 it was. Still, nothing beats a dedicated external backup.