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Why does the RX 6800M have such a low G3D rating?

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  • Why does the RX 6800M have such a low G3D rating?

    I'm comparing laptop gpu's and noticed that the G3D rating for the RX 6800M shows to be lower than even the lower tier Ryzen laptop gpu's such as the RX 6600M. What might be the reason for that?

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    In the first post I meant to say Radeon, not Ryzen.


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      It looks like a lot of the results in our database using the RX 6800M are poorly configured, either the driver isn't switching to the high performance card correctly or the driver hasn't been set to use the high performance card when running PerformanceTest so there are a lot of low results where the integrated card in the CPU is likely being used.

      You can see in the chart below that a properly configured rating should be around 15,000 or better but there are a lot of entries below 5,000, which likely means some of the tests being run are using the integrated Ryzen 9 5900XH.

      Click image for larger version

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