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AMD Ryzen Embedded V1500B vs R1600 benchmark

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  • AMD Ryzen Embedded V1500B vs R1600 benchmark

    Newbie to the forum so I might have missed something... But I did search first. Trying to get my head around AMD Ryzen performance of Embedded V1500B vs R1600. I know the specification differences but looking for real world benchmarking info. In particular I'm looking at the Synology DS implementations. Found a few benchmarks for V1500B as it is the older processor but none for the R1600. Anyone looking for the same thing or know where/when it will be available please? Thanks, Peter

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    We don't benchmark CPUs ourselves for the chart, the results are mostly from our users who run our PerformanceTest. If you can't locate the CPU on the site, then it is likely no one submitted a result for this particular CPU.