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Low benchmarks on a GTX 970

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  • Low benchmarks on a GTX 970

    I realize that these questions come up way too often in these places, but I feel I need some help.

    I recently built a new computer, a fairly nice one at that (Nice for me anyways :P). I picked up an EVGA GTX 970 for it. It runs great for what I currently use it for, although when I ran the benchmarking software, it didn't even compare to the other results. For reference:

    My system specs are in that link, but I'll list them here:

    i7 5820k
    8GB DDR4 Ram
    EVGA GTX 970
    750 Watt PSU
    500GB WD drive (need to get rid of this thing)

    I've updated drivers and the usually debugging methods, but it hasn't yielded anything yet.
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    To start with see this post. It covers all the common performance issues
    Causes and Solutions for a slow PC


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      I tried fiddling with the drivers and Directx installations like the link said, but it still hasn't improved. I kinda doubt that I got a dud card (Since it is still 'working') and I don't think anything is bottlenecking it. Maybe I should think about talking to tech support people.

      Sorry for taking your time, it's just that this is making me feel stupid. I just hope it's me being the idiot and not the card.