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Different graphics cards, same scores

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  • Different graphics cards, same scores


    this my first post in this forum (unless I registered previously a long time ago)

    I have tested three different but maybe similar graphics cards, all Nvidia GeForce Ge series with AGP interfaces. My enquiry concerns why they all give virtually identical benchmarks - the largest differences being a few percent at very small scores (0.5 in 5 is more than 4 in 450 for example).

    Maybe the problem is that I'm using an old trial version of V8.
    or maybe the scores are dominated by some bottleneck in my other hardware (I know it's laughably outdated but works very well for me) which is
    Celeron 2.4GHz (Northwood)
    2 x 512MB Samsung PC-2700 RAM
    MS-6577 v2.1 motherboard.
    Hitachi 7200rpm 500GB PATA HDD
    450W XFX PSU

    Microsoft Windows XP SP3

    The three AGP graphics cards are
    GeForce Ge6800GT
    GeForce Ge7600GT
    GeForce Ge7800GS

    I can't remember the scores because they are noted on my test system's HD and I am using another PC to type this. What the values are is unimportant; what concerns me is that the graphics adapter scores are all nearly the same

    If I have forgotten anything (or if the scores are important - they are not impressive) please point out what it is and will add that information in a reply


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    Yes, it would be interesting to see the individual 3D scores.
    The 7800GS should be measurably quicker. (but still really slow by today's standards).

    Yes, it is possible the rest of the system is a bottleneck, or the machine is overheating and everything is running slow. Those old Celerons (the ones without the model numbers) were pretty slow CPUs, slower than a slow Pentium4.


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      Thank you for your comments David.
      I intend to set up a similar system with 2GB and a Pentium 4 3.067GHz
      Meanwhile here are the specs for the CPU being used:
      The actual graphics cards are
      XFX (PV-T73A-UDE3) GeForce 7600 GT (256 MB)
      XFX (PV-T40A-UDF7) GeForce 6800 GT (256 MB)
      EVGA (256-A8-E5065-BX) GeForce 7800 GS (256 MB)
      (All AGP - m/b has x4 slot)

      Scores attached - don't seem to able upload/attach anything but picture file types (pdf in particular). getting it in sensible format or typing all those numbers again just a nightmare so here are just the 3D Grphics scores

      3D score
      6800GT 7600GT 7800GS
      3D Graphics 163.8 191.1 187.4
      DirectX9 Simple 18.1 21.4 20.9
      DirectX9 Complex 7.5 8.6 8.5
      (manual format lost on save)

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        In your initial post you said that the largest difference was a few percent.

        But the numbers indicate a 15% - 18% difference. So hardly the same score at all.


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          Thank you for replying. I agree, my quick at the scores did not pick out all the biggest differences. I would consider maybe a 10% difference as significant so in úD scoring the 7 series cards are an improvement on the 6 series. (The overall 2D scores are very close - could you tell me how can post pdf to this forum please ?)
          On this set-up I would use the 7300GT in preference to the 7800GS because it's half as long !!
          I need to do some research into what software requires 3D capability, but before that I will try to set-up my P4 system as I mentioned earlier...I just have to find my thermal paste (and assemble the CPU h/s etc, which I've never done before)



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            Why even bother worrying about is the performance is abysmally bad or just truly awful? No amount of tinkering with these 15 year old machines is going to make them useful for today's 3D software.