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    Can someone from PassMark Software check the charts from time to time?

    The reason is that, I found in the hard drive chart, that a mechanical disk was in the third place of the chart, which is impossible. A mechanical hard drive cannot be faster than an ssd, that was taken out, but I still see mechanical hard disks being in places where they should not be.

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    We've have a look at get it cleaned up and improve some of the naming as well to use the marketing names and not just the product codes. (will take a day or two)

    It is a never ending task however. So if anyone else notices bad results near the top of the list, let us know.


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      Well, the problem is that all the end-user tests are prone to mistakes, so it difficult to spot errors.


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        Should be a bit better now.


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          hi guys as a system builder and regular on this platform almost every day. When will passmark test
          11 or later start recording the proper write speeds on the gen 5 drives, for example the crucial T705 and rocket 5 all write at least 13500 and yet never register on 11 with anything over 11050 yet the sq writes are recorded spot on. I THINK THIS GIVING CONSUMERS THE WRONG IMPRESSION ABOUT GEN 5 DRIVES. Its a bit like version 10 could not get the reads and writes correctly on gen 4 drives till 11 got released.
          kind regards


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            There is no wrong and right.
            There are 100s of different test permutations. Varying the block size, data content, read / write mix, API, queue length, PCIe slot, threading, CPU power & seeking randomness can have a huge impact on the results.

            This is why a drive like the T705, is advertised (without qualification) as a 14,100MB/sec drive but can really only do 120MB/sec if the reads are a bit random.

            So actual speeds can be 100x slower than advertised in real life usage. This is a marketing failure, not a testing failure. Consumers are being misled. These Gen5 drives aren't really much quicker than Gen3 or 4 (in some cases).

            BTW: The T705 can and does report speeds over 12,500MB/sec on some systems in some scenarios. Doesn't seem like it can get to the advertised 14,100MB/s figure in any reasonable scenario however. Maybe it is possible in some edge case or on some super high system (with very fast CPU & RAM).

            This past post had a similar discussion