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still performing cpus on used notebooks

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  • David (PassMark)
    The Ultrabook doesn't sound that old. You might consider getting it repaired.

    The older i5 2540m chip should perform at least as good as your current i5 3317u, but battery life won't be as good. i5 2540m will run hotter and need a fan, which probably means a thicker & heavier laptop than what you have now. SSDs make a huge difference to how fast the machine feels. I would never buy a laptop without a SSD now.

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  • ciochi
    started a topic still performing cpus on used notebooks

    still performing cpus on used notebooks

    Hi everyone. I'm deciding whether to change my Vaio Ultrabook (model SVT 1311). Basically i use it for ableton live for live electronic music, using some midi controller via usb. It always worked fine, but recently one out of two usb ports got broke. That is a big problem since i absolutely rely on usb to play and if the other port stops working on the stage, oh, well, that's a nightmare!
    Thus i'm considering selling the laptop and replacing it, but i'm currently low on budget, thus i was considering some used laptop. Considering that 8gb is a must ( 4gb installed and that can be expandable could be good), i looked some old models and in that money range i see only i5 2540m or i5 2520m.
    What do you think of this cpu? it is comparable to what i use now, being it i5 3317u? SSD play a big role in the fact that i run ableton smoothly, even though it's just 32gb on 320 gb used for cache?