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  • Upgrade Question CPU/GPU

    Hey Guys,
    since I'm not that much into hardware and benchmark stuff I'd just like to ask u a question.
    I am about to upgrade either my CPU or my GPU. The question is, what will give me the better performance and improvements for my gaming experience.
    My current System is:
    Motherboard: Z87-G43 Gaming
    CPU: Intel Core i5-4590 @3.30ghz
    GPU: Geforce GTX 770
    Ram: 16gb ddr3
    and a 530 watt power adaptor.

    So i want to upgrade either CPU to Intel core i7-4790k or GPU to Geforce GTX 970.

    I'm super excited for your answers, have a good day!

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    Both the CPU and video card are already pretty reasonable. So don't be expecting a huge jump in performance from an upgrade.

    But if you have money to spare, then I would do the video card first.