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  • How low can you go....

    Some laptops on the market behave as though they are powered by single cylinder Lawn Mower Engines, rather than a half decent 4 cylinder job.

    I'm thinking here of the AMD E1 2100, which 'boasts' a CPU Mark of 650 or there about and leaves you feeling like putting a hammer through it.

    Whereas the AMD A4 5000, CPU Mark 1890 leaves you thinking you have some power and for just simple tasks like office work, surfing and e mail is more than adequate.

    But just how low can you go...before having to resort to head butting the keyboard in sheer frustration....?

    I am reluctant to advise anything lower than Celeron 3205u at 1712.....but will the 1007u at 1420 bring home the bacon...?

    Any views or experience welcome.

    Thank you,


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    Depends a lot of what you are doing with the machine and the other components. A fast SSD and a lot of RAM can somewhat compensate for a slower CPU.


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      Yes, I should have said assuming off the shelf with 5400rpm regular hdd and 4 Gb Ram