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3d performance issues compared to identical system

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  • 3d performance issues compared to identical system

    Hey guys I was wondering why People with the exact same Laptop / Processor / Ram / Hard drive / and Video card would be getting 3D scores all 1000 higher then mine? Running the newest drivers (installed after clean wipe from safe mode ). Win 7 x64 Pro

    Alienware M18X R2 (OC 4.2ghz stable)
    7970M Crossfire (OC +50mhz gpu +100mhz gpu memory)
    underclocking lowers the scores on both.

    2756 (my 3d graphics mark)

    All but one are getting 3900-4100 3d graphics mark scores.

    Thanks for any "how fix it" tips or suggestions you may have, It's all welcome even if you think it's dumb.
    (And yes I will upgrade someday to a newer laptop / desktop) :P

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