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Intel HD 530 (Skylake iGPU) with 3200 RAM

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  • Intel HD 530 (Skylake iGPU) with 3200 RAM

    3D benchmarked my Skylake integrated graphics on an i5-6600 (non-k) and got a score of 974. This score is slightly below the average of 1014. I was wondering why it is below average when I am running substantially overclocked ram with it, shouldn't faster memory give it a bit of a boost? Windows was just updated. Perhaps the average is being elevated by a good number of overclocked chips being benchmarked, but I'm still a bit curious about this.

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    A <5% difference is not really something to worry about so this shouldn't be an issue, the only thing I would suggest is check that your power options are set to "high performance".

    The HD530 results are from several CPU types and it tends to perform better on the i7's which is bringing the average up a bit.